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Engaging in human health and beauty business, offering advance technical beauty methods, reliable and trust worthy products, providing high quality services that meet customers’ satisfaction, utilizing valuable and traditional experience in providing modern female “ self-confidence & health ” policies together with the accomplishment of “ Confidence, Trust & satisfaction ” – Adeline Goh.
Facing stiff competition and growing demand from the beauty industry, ADELINE’s advancement largely depends not only on the professionalism of the staffs, but also the integration of high quality and effectiveness from both the products and services.
CEO, Adeline Goh has a strong belief and determination to make ADELINE BEAUTY GROUP as one of the Branded Beauty Hub in the region.
As a new Icon in the Beauty Industry, ADELINE does not depend on luck.
ADELINE’s motto: “Do Your Best & Do It Right” not only applicable to the employees but also her life. She never stop demanding for higher technical skills and also one should possess the will and thirst for new knowledge and a never say die attitude. Adeline shares her experience with her employees on almost every aspect of works and life – Success Comes Not Only Through Your Achievements, But Also Your Social Responsibility Towards Customers.
ADELINE demands optimistic employees, facing customers with positive attitude and that’s why ADELINE holds a strong position in the beauty market as their optimistic services towards customers had gained tremendous positive feedback and excellent remarks.
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